Annual Reviews

Corona Annual Sustainability Review

The Organización Corona has always been aware of sustainability and social responsibility, and has it clear that the best way for their results to multiply and replicate is to show them to the public. That’s why our studio was in charge of designing the annual review of 2018 under specific GRI standards, which was only […]

Hocol Annual Sustainability Reviews

Hocol, created 70 years ago in Colombia, is a company that explores and produces hydrocarbons and that’s also a subsidiary of Ecopetrol. According to its sustainable policies, for several years the reviews, designed by us, are not printed so they can be exclusively consulted on-screen. Additionally, to make them more fluid and easily readable, parts […]

Annual Sustainability Reviews

Years ago, organizations and businesses only sought to be profitable; nowadays they seek to be sustainable. In other words: equally attend the economic and social aspects with an adequate environmental management which boosts their growth. In 10 years Davivienda has gone from doing annual social responsibility reviews with tons of information and data, to more […]

Annual management reviews (English and Spanish)

For more than 20 years Davivienda has entrusted us with the design and production of its management reviews to be presented on the annual shareholders meeting and then, for a free query on the web. Besides the normal requirements, these documents, both in English and Spanish, are conceived to highlight the identity and values of […]

SITT Annual Sustainability Reviews

SITT, reconocida empresa colombiana de ingeniería, tránsito y tecnología, nos ha encomendado desde 2015 la realización de sus balances de gestión, bajo el estándar de normas GRI. Con base en el documento original elaborado por SITT, nuestro aporte consiste en corrección de estilo, edición fotográfica, diseño editorial y producción de los ejemplares impresos. El diseño […]

Ecopetrol reviews

To design and produce the annual sustainability and management reviews for the biggest company in Colombia requires a special effort of synthesis. Once this is fulfilled, the challenge of communication is to demonstrate that the company has a serious commitment to the country, its region, its people and the environment which transcends the activity of […]

Banco Caja Social Annual Reviews (management and sustainability)

Before they were fused in one single bank (Banco Caja Social), Fundación Social and Banco Colmena existed separately and had different target audiences. Our studio made some of the annual reviews of both companies including the one that celebrated their 100 anniversaries. These reviews, as well as the new ones, are characterized for maintaining a […]

El Rancho Club Annual report

The management reviews that we design and produce for social and sports clubs, such as El Rancho, are very particular: when companies, in general, are focused on talking about their businesses, markets, and rentability, clubs prefer to focus on their cultural and sporting events, as well as other special celebrations and spectacular parties. But, even […]

Club Los Lagartos Annual Review

After 365 days, the recount of the activities and accomplishments of a big social and sports club usually ends up being a long document with no distinction between what’s most relevant or important. To synthetize it and make it visually attractive, the Club entrusted us to design and produce a multimedia containing internal links that […]

Others (Printer, Titularizadora, Antek)

On the last decade we have acquired important experience in designing and producing annual management and sustainability reviews for organizations, entities and companies as diverse as laboratories, banks, oil and printing companies and even social and sports clubs. In times of transition between the paper and the digital era, these documents can be printed or […]