Los Lagartos Club monthly issue

Monthly issue for the club members, initially printed but later in PDF version. It accounts the monthly activities, the sports calendar (particularly golf), social, recreational and gastronomic events, as well as other topics of common interest. In our studio we put a special effort on the synthesis and high quality of the visual content for […]

Ecopetrol Ecos Newsletter

Ecopetrol always takes care of its external and internal communications. The Ecos newsletter, addressed specifically to its employees, contains topics of interest about the company, its people and what happens in the hydrocarbon sector. Besides informing, the newsletter must contribute to generating cohesion and a sense of belonging. In this type of publications is also […]

Ecopetrol “Good News”

Ecopetrol has a wide communication portfolio to interact with its groups of interest. For the contractors (which are the ones in charge of multiplying the company’s activity), they have the “Buenas noticias” (Good news) newsletter that reaches several thousands of workers wherever they might be across the country. Therefore, its design has to be concise […]

Kassani Brochure

It’s normal that the general managers of entities, companies, educational centers and congregations, are not the ones who choose the furniture that decors the space. They always delegate that task to the architects or interior designers. Kassani, aware of this fact, produces promotional pieces of their own furniture where the visual and written language, as […]

Kuehne + Nagel Brochure

Kuehne + Nagel, one of the biggest global transport and logistics companies in the world, commissioned our studio to do the communication pieces for the Latin American region. To achieve this, we took special care of the language of this niche, avoiding exclusive local terms and preserving the German spirit of the company with clarity, […]

Ecopetrol Brochure

Ecopetrol requested our studio to create and produce a bilingual brochure that briefly described its activity and its goals to be shown on international congresses and fairs of the Oil & Gas sector. In order to offer a more compact way of showing the information, we also did a CD that includes (besides the main […]

Club Hatogrande Brochure

A brochure is like a printed display. In the case of a social and sports club, one of the challenges is how to show what they do with clarity, using less space and without including everything as their repertory is quite extensive. Besides the social and sports aspects, they also have cultural, pedagogical, recreational, and […]

Printer Colombiana Brochure

How do you convince a printing company that, even if the content production is very well done, the printing isn’t? With this statement we conceived a design piece for one of the biggest printing companies in Colombia. We knew that the target audience was surely going to read it, but more than that, to look […]

Brochure El Tiempo Editorial House

When we asked the general manger of Casa Editorial El Tiempo (the first conglomerate of news and entertainment in Colombia), why did he wanted our studio to do the concept and production of a brochure that presents all the companies that belong to this holding (having so many recognized and excellent journalists) he simply replied: […]